Commercial Services

Commercial Heating Engineers

Commercial Services

We have extensive experience and capability in maintaining commercial heating and hot water systems. Our customers are typically property management consultants who are responsible for managing some of the largest and most exclusive estates in Chelsea and Kensington.

Residential Properties

We can fully manage you communal central heating and hot water systems including boilers, pumps and controls. We carry out repairs and maintenance, servicing and installation of systems and system components. We are also highly experienced at isolating, draining and capping off systems to allow renovations or repair work to be undertaken on parts of the property or to allow parts of the property to go independent.

We have extensive experience working in large, exclusive properties in the Chelsea and Kensington areas for property management consultants and also tenant owner associations.Our extensive experience since 1988 allows us to keep systems in excellent working order and therefore helping you to maintain tenant satisfaction in what is a difficult area.

We are highly experienced at maintaining, servicing and installing Hamworthy boilers and also have extensive experience on all other makes of large commercial central heating and hot water boilers.

We can also undertake a review of your whole system to help identify where efficiency can be improved to help reduce running costs, essential in these times of increasing energy costs and increased awareness of the environmental impact of CO2 emissions.

Commercial Properties

In addition to residential properties, we can also provide the same services to large and small offices, shops and other commercial premises. We can undertake all your planned maintenance and servicing or undertake repairs as required.

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