Gas fire installations

Nothing beats sitting back in the evening and staring into a raging fire. Even just the sight of a filled stove can make you feel warm in a way that few other things will. Not to mention that evenings by the fireside are the ultimate in home comfort and the cosy life.

Sadly, traditional fires bring a fair amount of downsides. Tending a real wood fire can take far more time than you might realise. Not to mention the smell it can leave on your clothes and the ashes afterwards. These cons alone keep many from ever making use of their chimneys.

But, we at Resolute Engineering Services Ltd. have the answer, and it comes in the form of our gas fire installation. Gas fires are a fantastic solution as they’re smoke-free and easy to maintain. With none of the hassle, a gas fire can help cut your energy bills and get cosy any evening. And, our Chelsea team have the know-how to install, service, and maintain a full range of gas fires for your needs.

Resolute Engineering Services For A Fire You Can Use At Last

While fireplaces make fantastic centrepieces on their own, they aren’t in your home to look pretty. These are useful pieces of kit which can both make the place look better and, more importantly, slash your heating bills when winter rolls around. But, that’s a benefit you’ll never enjoy if you don’t install a fire you can use.

If you haven’t touched your fireplace since you moved in twenty years ago, then, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact our team for a fire you can use at last. Even the first winter after you gas fire installation can make your efforts here worthwhile. So, what are waiting for? We’re waiting on the other end of the phone to hear from you today!

Professional Gas Fire Installation Guaranteed

Resolute Engineering Services Ltd. didn’t get the accolade of the best commercial gas and central heating engineers in Kensington, Knightsbridge and Chelsea for nothing. We’ve been in the industry since 1988, meaning we have the experience to guarantee quality gas fire installation every time.

Our installation engineers have experience with open flued appliances, DFE's, flueless inset fires and more. They work to the latest standards and regulations at all times to ensure your safety 100%. Our focus on care and professionalism with every single job also guarantee satisfaction customer with each gas fire we install.

As if that weren’t assurance enough that we’re the right company for your gas fire installation needs, consider that we are proud to be Gas Safe registered (29784) and Safecontractor approved. We also have £10 million public liability insurance to secure your safety and peace of mind at every stage of the installation process.

If you fancy a gas fire in your home, then, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01252 838833 today to start talking about how we can help you to make it happen. 

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