Boiler Installations Weybridge

The rising cost of heating your home isn't going to slow down any time soon, and if you have an old boiler or your boiler isn't regularly maintained, you're going to feel the pinch even more.

Old boilers are a huge source of CO2 being pumped into the environment, but they also don't work efficiently enough to heat the home without using more gas to do so.

Modern boilers are often combi boilers, with updated controls and more efficient technology - so, if your Weybridge home needs an update and you want a new installation, then here are the benefits that you can expect.

While saving money might be an essential benefit to you, putting less CO2 into the environment is good. A modern boiler typically works at about 905+ efficiency, while older boilers work at about 60% efficiency. What this means is that 40% of the energy that the boiler produces is waste.

Smart controls
If you want to check the temperature and have the heating turned on before you get home in the winter, or you want to keep a tighter grip on the spending, then smart controls can help. Many modern boilers can be integrated into a smart home system or a stand-alone app.

With an app, you can set timers and change the temperatures quickly, making your home heating system work with you.

When upgrading your boiler, you will first notice a reduction in how much you spend on your heating. When the boiler you have works at a higher efficiency, the overall cost of heating the home is less.

While you might be tempted to have an older boiler repaired often, this can be expensive, and over time the parts for the boiler will become harder to come by. Another excellent bonus in terms of money-saving is that new boilers will come with a manufacturer's warranty.

It is estimated that by switching to a modern combi boiler, you can save up to a ? on your yearly gas bill.

While no boiler is likely to be called beautiful, new boilers have a sleeker, more modern design. All of the dials, colours, handles, buttons and more are taken into consideration when they are made.

Modern boilers are smaller, sleeker and look better - book your Weybridge installation today.

The older the boiler, the more unreliable it will be when providing a temperature. It can be off by a few degrees - which could leave you feeling too hot or too cold in your Weybridge home and with no idea why. Newer boilers have better technology and can more accurately display the temperature in the house.

Noise reduction
Old boilers can be loud and clunky, whereas new boilers are much quieter and are less likely to distribute you. The wear and tear on your old boiler is part of what can make it loud and noisy.

Your Weybridge home and you can benefit from all of these things and more when you choose Resolute Engineering Services to install a new boiler.

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