Boiler Repairs Weybridge

Does your boiler need replacing? If your Weybridge home is feeling a little chilly, or you have noticed an increase in the amount you are spending on gas lately - it could be that your boiler needs to be repaired.

If your boiler is over a certain amount of years old, it is more beneficial for you to have your boiler replaced. However, most often, it can be cost-effective to have your boiler repaired.

But how can you tell when your boiler needs to be replaced?

Old boiler
If the boiler in your Weybridge home is a little older than you’d like, the boiler might be a little clunky or sometimes doesn’t work quite right - call us so that we can get your boiler repaired in good working order.

If you are hearing a hissing noise from your boiler, then this could indicate that there is a deposit forming. This is one of the smaller boiler issues when it is fixed when it is first noticed. Calling a heating engineer out to perform an inspection can tell you the extent of the problem.

Although this might be a small problem, over time, the deposits can cause damage, and a bigger issue can arise.

Pilot Light Issues
Many people will restart their boiler and hope for the best, but if your pilot light is out a lot, it is time to call an engineer in. Anything like flickering out pilot lights, a pilot light that dips out often, a yellow flame or oil stains are indicators that you need to have a boiler repair.

Energy Efficiency
Older boilers only run at about 60% efficiency, which means a 40% waste of energy. Newer boilers offer somewhere in the region of 90% efficiency.

However, older boilers can be repaired and maintained so that they perform at a more efficient rate. Your monthly or weekly bills are what will be your indicator of how efficient or inefficient the boiler is.

A new boiler might be the answer for many, but to keep costs down and still enjoy the benefits, a repair is often the best option.

Bad smell
We know that if we smell gas, we need to call an emergency help; most often, any smells are gas. However, boilers that need to be repaired in other ways can also emit a foul odour. The moment you smell anything from your boiler, it is time to call a heating engineer.

If your home takes a long time to heat up, even after the heating has been on for a while, this can be a big sign that you need to have a boiler repair. The length of time it takes to heat up your home will feel longer during the winter months - so make sure you book an inspection and repair the moment you notice it.

This type of slow heating up can be a precursor for the heating to go out altogether.

Keep your Weybridge warm and cosy all year round by booking your boiler repair today!

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