Heating Engineers in Weybridge

Is the House feeling a little chilly? Got a cranky boiler that just seems to be on the fritz all the time? If you are a Weybridge resident, look no further - there are heating engineers near you to help you take care of everything you need - us!

What makes a heating engineer your first port of call is that we are trained in a wide range of disciplines and focus on the best solution for your heating issue.

What can a heating engineer do for me?
One of the great things about hiring a heating engineer from Resolute Engineering Services is that you get a multi-disciplinary, highly trained engineer who can take care of numerous household heating issues.

Central heating
While there are plumbers that have a gas-safe registration, a heating engineer is trained across all areas of the heating system. So when it comes to your central heating, to get the best solution, call a heating engineer.

Your central heating system is made up of:

Hot water cylinders

The entire heating system is complicated; all our heating engineers are Gas Safety registered and have the correct certification.

Boiler services
Boilers need to have regular safety checks to ensure they are up to all of the gas safety standards. Yearly checks are a must for your boiler to remain safe. Landlords can ensure that they are complying with the law and keeping tenants safe with regular inspections.

Heating engineers will check the connections, condition, airflow, gas pressure and seals.

When your boiler is working efficiently, it will reduce the running costs, which means a reduction in your heating bills.

Underfloor heating
Underfloor heating is becoming more popular as a way to have heat distributed throughout the home more evenly. There are two underfloor heating systems, and both need to have regular maintenance. Wet underfloor heating systems work with hot water running through the pipes, while a dry system has electrical coils.

On average, these systems use less water than radiators, but they do need to have regular maintenance to work effectively.

We install, service, and maintain various types of gas fires, including open flued appliances, DFEs, flueless inset fires, and so on. To ensure the appliance's safety, all gas flames are fitted in accordance with the most recent norms and regulations.

It's not just the gas fire; we can service and maintain all brands of hobs and gas cookers to ensure that they comply with all of the latest regulations and standards.

Unvented systems
Unvented hot water systems have no cold water feed; instead, they have an unvented hot water cylinder fed from the cold water mains. This type of system also uses mains pressure. Unvented systems require a number of components that ensure they run safely, as well as strict legal regulations.

Because of our significant knowledge, we can keep your system in working order and perform a wide range of repairs such as refilling air gaps, repairing safety devices, and replacing immersion heaters and thermostats.

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