gas engineers chelsea

gas engineers chelsea

If you’re ever having trouble with your appliances or pipelines, then you’ll know just how much of a struggle the entire day can be. We all need to have our fundamental utilities working, and when they’re on the blink, it can be very, very disruptive. You don’t want to have prolonged issues with the very basics of your property, do you?

If you’re from Chelsea and need gas engineers for your property, then Resolute Engineering Services can provide you with what you need. Since 1988, we have been working consistently to bring individuals and businesses the perfect gas and heating services. We pride ourselves on the quality of our systems and work ethic, but we also take great pleasure in providing tremendous service – we know that the jobs can get a little sticky, so a friendly and kind approach is always the right one.

What Services Do RES Provide?

We have many different services and systems to offer our customers and clients. Each installation is in keeping with the standards and regulations to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

We install, service, and maintain gas fires and gas cookers. We are able to work with a full range of gas fires, including open flued appliances, DFEs, and flueless inset fires. All the work is undertaken with the utmost care and professionalism. Our gas engineers always aim for a completely satisfactory installation.

We also install and maintain a wide range of domestic boilers. We have central heating experts that can design an entire system for you in order to match your requirements. We install and repair systems and components to the latest specifications. Unvented systems and underfloor heating are also part of our skillset.

What Commercial Services Do We Provide?

When it comes to commercial properties, our customers are typically property management consultants who are responsible for managing some of the largest and most exclusive estates in Chelsea and the surrounding area. Our gas engineers will work with whatever business presents itself, however – no matter how large or small.

What About Residential Properties?

We don’t just deal with commercial properties; we’ll happily head to homes and work on residential issues, too. With over twenty years in this business, we’ve seen more than enough, and are more than experienced to deal with whatever domestic situation comes our way. We’ll get things done in an efficient yet courteous and kind manner.

Regardless of the service you order, we undertake a review of your whole system to help identify where efficiency can be improved to help reduce running costs, essential in these times of increasing energy costs, and increased awareness of the environmental impact of CO2 emissions.

Contact Us Today!

You can reach us via our email at – we’ll answer as quickly as we can.

Alternatively, you can call our landline on 01252 838833 and discuss any enquiries you may have. Our fax number is 01252 838866.

If you wish to call us directly on mobile, be sure to ring 07836 227221.

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