heating engineers kensington

heating engineers kensington

Is your home or workplace in need of some heating engineers, and you’re not too sure where to turn to? Well, if you’re in Kensington, then you could do a lot worse than Resolute Engineering Services. We’ve been a fully-established plumbing and heating firm since 1988, so when it comes to domestic and residential needs, we know how to handle whatever you’re looking for.

We know how important central heating and other heating aspects are to your life. We all take it for granted when we have it, but as soon as it’s gone, it’s sorely missed. If you’re in Kensington or the surrounding area, you can guarantee that Resolute Engineering will sort any issues you may be encountering.

We deal with a wide range of customers; we aren’t exclusive to one particular audience. If you’re a small business, a large business, or an individual looking for some help with their property, then we’ll be at hand to help with whatever you need. If you need more information, then don’t be afraid to head onto our services page – it’ll have all the information you need and more.

Nobody deserves to have their central heating on the fritz or their boiler on the blink. We know how difficult it can be when these kinds of things happen. That’s why we pride ourselves on more than just our top-quality work. We also want our heating engineers to be courteous and kind when they visit homes – it’s never nice to deal with an ignorant and awkward serviceman or woman. We want you to be happy with the results and comfortable with how you were dealt with.

When it comes to our work with commercial properties, a lot of our work is with property management firms that deal with some of the most exclusive estates in the area. We’ll provide installations, services, and maintenance for all kinds all businesses across the board, though. If your office, warehouse, factory, or any other workplace in Chelsea needs to be updated or serviced, then we’ll be able to send heating engineers out to you.

We Also Help Landlords

If you have vacant premises in the Chelsea area, and you’re hoping to revamp before new tenants make their way into your property, we’ll have your plumbing and heating needs handled quickly and efficiently. We’ll talk through everything, and come to the perfect solutions. We know that landlords have a lot going on in their day-to-day lives, so we take pride in easing this kind of burden from them.

How Can You Find Us?

We operate out of Unit C3 at Fairoaks Airport in Chobham if you wish to reach us.
Alternatively, you call our landline on 01252 838833 and discuss any enquiries you may have. Our fax number is 01252 838866.

If you wish to call us directly via mobile phone, you can reach us at 07836 227221.
You can also reach us via our email at info@resoluteengineeringservices.co.uk – we’ll answer as quickly as we can.

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